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Best Questions to Ask A Life Coach

People like you ask So What Does a Life Coach Actually Do? or What Questions Should I ask a Life Coach?  It's something that triggers an internal moment in yourself where you might be thinking and reflecting about what you need or want to do.  So let's break it down and see what questions you might want to ask your life coach.

First, there are two reasons why you might be asking these questions - one is to clarify that the life coach is right for you - that you are meeting with a appropriately experienced person.  And the sesond reason is to be sure you are meeting with someone who is in your niche - your area of interest.  Ideally, you want to meet with someone who has diverse experience and is also able to connect with you on your level.

So let's go back a little and clarify exaclty what a life coach is.  A Life Coach is someone who helps you live stronger, better and more inspired everyday.  But just what is that exactly - well for each and every person that is a little different.  But a Life Coach offers you an opportunity to give yourself a vision of a best version of yourself - and then take action steps towards it.

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